Prime Setup with 2 Laptops (Serato)


since the x1800 can have 2 Laptops hooked up can it be done with the SC5000 as well or would I have to get a 4 player setup to work back 2 back with this system?

Playing with 1 player with 2 layers each isn’t an option for us

Can you describe your desired set up a bit more please? Are you intending to use Serato, for example?

You will need 4 players to achieve your desired result. HID cannot be split within the players. Each player also only has one USB Host controller.

One player per computer + instant doubles :wink:


Yes. 2 DJs each with their own laptop and Serato. 2 SC5000 and 1 X1800

Dj1 Layer1 on each player Dj2 Layer2 on each player

Hope that helps

When using serato you should be able to use 4 layers on each player. I tried it recently and it worked great. You just need to remember which layer you are using, it can get a little confusing in the heat of the battle or if you have had one too many (lol)!!! Also if you assign the second player to the USB2 setting for the other laptop then that should work, theoretically. I am not sure about how you do the headphone cues for each DJ.