Prime Go platters are too small?

For those that have said this - enjoy! :joy: Absolute fire mix btw!


There is some really innovative and talented people out there.


I think both are true…the platters on the go are really small, and I do not like the placement of the hot cues above the platters…they really ought to be bellow.

That said, sure, this video proves anything can be done…and it is impressive…but far from ideal :slight_smile:

“What do you want? A 12” jog wheel on a 10" all in one?"

Wow, who’s silly now? You can disagree with others without that knee jerk impulse to put other people’s opinions down.

It’s a matter of opinion, not silliness. There are many design decisions that could have been taken to make the jog wheels bigger. My opinion is not closer to ‘truth’ than yours and definitely out of the realm of silliness.

If you want evidence of the kind of design decision I speak of, have a look at the numark mixstream. And before I hear yet again ‘but the prime go does so much more’ - yes it does, but again, the go could have been made a bit bigger, certain things arranged differently, some things taken out and the jog wheels made bigger.


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I hear you but you knew the size of the jogs before buying one right? I have a prime 4 and go and use the GO for mixing mainly not anything fancy on the platters like trying to scratch etc although you can with a bit of practice. Anything that comes out as a first edition will have design flaws, nothings perfect and I’m sure the next iteration will be an improvement design wise. That said I love the GO but as I said mainly for a specific use case. Won’t take it to a big gig when I want to showcase my skills etc.

Agreed. I do like also a lot of things on the GO but saving money for prime 4.

As for ‘I knew what I was getting into when buying the GO’ - I wholeheartedly disagree. It’s not like any store around me had it in stock so I could go and test drive it. I had to solely rely on youtube videos. I watched so many of them…and would never get a feel for it. It’s akin to people complaining about prime 4 jog wheels not having enough tension for scratching…how the heck do you get a feel for THAT from videos? You do not. And I am sure I am not the only one in that boat.

So yes, this is first iteration, they will weed out the design flaws. And how will they know what to weed out if everyone would be just praising the GO?

Hence…these rants about small jog wheels :slightly_smiling_face: