Prime Go is AWESOME! : )

I know we see a lot of problems around here so it seemed like some good, old fashioned gushing was in order. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t tell you, how incredibly impressed I am with the Prime Go. What a fantastic device! Props to Denon for making such a wonderful-to-use device that also sounds great! Great sounding mic pre’s to my ears! Better than some of the much more expensive units I’ve owned!

The size of this thing, with the I/O. Whew! Love it! Fits in a shoulder bag. Doesn’t feel like a chore to take to a gig or use on the couch for show prep. And that battery. Holy smokes. Being able to be go anywhere and mix/prep is just such a freeing feeling. Can’t stress that enough!

Things I miss (can’t leave them out). Slip Mode. A less cumbersome beat jump. Wish the knobs were a little tighter (they seem very easy to move) and wish the EQ’s were traditional layout (but understand it was needed for size, so really hard to complain too much!).

And just something I wish Engine allowed in general, a way to wirelessly transfer files to our devices. Drop Box would be a wonderful way to do that since there’s already some implementation? Would really make these babies feel standalone!

But back to positive vibes. What an inspiring device! I walked into a gig with it fresh out of the box last night and rocked a great show with it! And even after the show I went home and did some prep on the couch for my next gig. Man, you just can’t beat that!

Anyone considering one of these, don’t think twice. You’ll be wanting to use it constantly! I’m nervously looking at my SC6000M setup. lol


Cool :sunglasses: Talking about “lots of problems” in Denondj forum, that’s absolutely normal. Go into Pioneer forum, any car engine forum, and etc., 99% of the posts are about problems or tips. For each user with problems, maybe 100’s are playing without issues :+1:


Man The Pioneer forum is like stepping off into the great void! lol Maybe one day they’ll get it. But probably not. :stuck_out_tongue:

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They “solve” issues the easy way: Deleting and censoring posts :rofl: I’ve been censored myself :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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You’re not lying. It makes me very thankful for this place!

I for one hope to keep it this way. :wink:


Come on Reese what’s wrong with employing industry standard practices.

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Hahaha true. Very true.