Prime Go crossfader bleeding

Hi ,

After 10 months of use, the crossfader started bleeding.

When set all to the left, it still sends the right channel to the master.

After a small research on the net, it seens to be happening with another users too.


Any toughts ?


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Hello @Bodeba Welcome to the forum.

Spray some compressed air in it and check if the debris is out. Maybe that would help a bit?

I will, but i think its not a debris issue.

I´ll let you know if it worked.


I did spray compressed air, did not work.

Some users with this problem have returned their units and some are replacing their crossfaders themselves.

I´m from Brazil, and i think sending to Denon is not an option.

Any crossfader recomendation besides the Mini Innofader Plus S ?

Thanks a lot

If your going to change it put the inofader in. Dont hold back. It may cost a bit more but it is SERIOUSLY worth it.

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I may be wrong but I was under the impression that you can’t replace the crossfader on the Prime GO unless it’s sent to Denon to fix as in its not like the Prime 4 where you can

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