Prime Go: Can't adjust the beat grid for some tracks


I’ve just bought a Prime Go and love it, but I’m having an issue with adjusting the beat grids on some tracks.

When the tracks are loaded, I can open the grid adjustment and move the grid with most tracks, but I’ve a few tracks with which the grid won’t move when I nudge the jogwheel.

It works for most tracks, but I’ve ckme across 2 or 3 so far that I can’t make any beat grid changes with (including doubling or halving, or any of the other functions).

The tracks are the same format and from the same sources as all my other tracks, so J can’t understand why this is happening.

Any help would be appreciated!

Check if the beatgrid is locked in Engine desktop. Then again, that would have been done by you, not automagically.

Another possibility


@aewmuir have you imported these tracks from Serato/Rekordbox/Traktor?

Looking through the posts on the thread mufasa linked, it seems to be related to importing from other software.

I imported from rekordbox and cannot be edited/analyse on any device prime 4 and prime go.

Yes actually, now that you mention it I do play all my tracks from Rekordbox playlists

Unfortunately I much prefer the Rekordbox software for library management, surely this is the issue!

Looks like I must bite the bullet and get used to using the Engine DJ software now that I’ve transitioned frlm Pioneer to Denon hardware.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

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