Prime Go Beat Grid Problems

Hey everyone, I’m new to the Denon space and recently bought a Prime Go. I’m having trouble with the software properly setting up the beat grid. It seems like every single song I choose to play, whether it be my own track from USB or streamed from Tidal, I have to manually adjust the beat grid (often by a lot). Even then, it seems like it’s improperly analyzing the song’s actual BPM because it doesn’t match up with another song of the same BPM. I’m not even mixing anything complicated, just ordinary tech house stuff so I don’t really know why the engine software is having so much trouble. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there any way to fix it? Thanks


There is an update to the Engine Prime PC/MacOS software (1.5.0) that uses a much better BPM algorithm, I would recommend running tracks through that rather than just dumping them on a USB drive.

The update for the hardware that contains this new algorithm has not yet been released but probably will be in the next few weeks. For streaming services I’m afraid that for now you’ll either need to go off memory or just rely on your ears until the update is released.

Nothing wrong with that exercise, until we get the firmware update

Same thing with me beat grid off bpm off this is my 1st denon controler I love it but I hate engine prime

Let me know if u come up with something I already reanalize my collection and nothing change almost 30 % of the music is off if I wanted to beat mach by ear I go and get some thecnichs turn tablets but I don’t I want a least some decent beat grids and bpms

Are you analysing using the Engine Prime 1.5.0 software? If so and it’s still out then you need to check the tempo/bpm ID3 metadata tag and if it’s present, remove it - the algorithm will curently use the ID3 tag value if it’s there and not use it’s own detection.

I’ve reanalysed my collection and just today finished going through it (manually checking beatgrid and BPM of every single track) - my collection is mainly RnB/Hip-Hop/Grime and general pop club hits which the old algorithm really struggled with, but this time I’ve only had to correct maybe 100 tracks in total, either because they have BPM fluctuations in themselves, or because another DJ software (Serato) wrote an incorrect value to the ID3 tag.

The current algorithm to me looks like the best out of EP, Serato, Rekordbox and VDJ - at least for the genres I have. I’m pretty damn impressed with it tbh.

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Yes I did it yesterday it took several trays because it keep getting stack my collection is only 4000 songs but still after the beat grid were off I am not sure about the id3 tags how do I remove them ty

You can use freeware such as Kid3 to check and remove the tags.