Prime Go arrived!

At last !

10 hours after, my test : :slight_smile: Pros

  • small and light
  • fast as the others Prime devices
  • pro device
  • unique with its battery
  • fun to use


  • a P4 is way more complete
  • hotcue pads (only 4) are buttons with click
  • tempo sliders are too small
  • hotcue buttons are above jogwheels
  • no jump button (shift+Button is not easy)

Conclusion : an amazing device for training, as a second device on stage, on a boat, on the road… but not as main device or for special events, because of its small size and with some limitations (jogwheels, only 4 hotcue buttons…)

But it is a professional device, certainly not a toy. Well done DENON !

Edit : 18/20


You really struggled there with the cons I see… :smiley:

Yep, but it is a nice piece of work I think it is a perfect prime4 safety companion.

But it can be use as a main tiny device in some cases.