Prime 4 Zoom & RGB Waveforms Feature Request

Hey I just wanted to bring this topic back up because I haven’t seen anything from for 2021 yet. I recently just bought a Prime 4 for the sole purpose of Soundswitch. I have a set of CDJ 3000s and I used to have an RX2. Is it possible to integrate a wider zoom out function on the prime 4. It only goes out a few bars. Compared to any pioneer gear you can zoom out quite far. It is something minor, but it makes a huge difference queuing up tracks and making smooth transitions. The only other issue I have seen so far is RGB waveforms to see better intensities of a track. Great product so far! Thank you guys.


Do you have a photo by chance. I’m curious (I don’t have a prime 4). The SC5000 goes out to 128 beats.

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Ill do a side by side of the CDJ vs the prime 4 tomorrow when I have everything hooked up.

Edit: Ya looks like 4 bars vs 128 for the CDJ. Quite the difference.