Prime 4 Zoom & RGB Waveforms Feature Request

Hey I just wanted to bring this topic back up because I haven’t seen anything from for 2021 yet. I recently just bought a Prime 4 for the sole purpose of Soundswitch. I have a set of CDJ 3000s and I used to have an RX2. Is it possible to integrate a wider zoom out function on the prime 4. It only goes out a few bars. Compared to any pioneer gear you can zoom out quite far. It is something minor, but it makes a huge difference queuing up tracks and making smooth transitions. The only other issue I have seen so far is RGB waveforms to see better intensities of a track. Great product so far! Thank you guys.


Do you have a photo by chance. I’m curious (I don’t have a prime 4). The SC5000 goes out to 128 beats.

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Ill do a side by side of the CDJ vs the prime 4 tomorrow when I have everything hooked up.

Edit: Ya looks like 4 bars vs 128 for the CDJ. Quite the difference.

I’d love to see more ahead too. After recently buying a Prime 4+ this is the only thing I disliked so far. Being used to Serato, not being able to zoom out enough really makes my life harder when mixing on the Prime 4.

The RGB waveforms would be nice, too, but I can manage without them. What gets me is the zoom out.

Afaik there are two request (voting) threads for both topics. Search for them.

Anyway, an additional (and GUI-related very easy to implement) improvement would be a better playhead positioning. 95% of all DJs don’t care about what is happening in the elapsed waveform section, so it is basically wasted space. Maybe something to consider, Engine devs?