PRIME 4 with Serato & Zone Out

serato work with p4 in HID mode can you still use the channel 4 to zone out to a different room

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Hey @emanstatement, thanks for your question! We are still working with Serato to make controller mode for the PRIME 4 the best experience possible, but in the meantime we have no information to share at this time. Keep up with our Social Media channels and here on the forum for news as it surfaces!


I love this About demon Somebody will always answer you if you call email any type of contact they will get back to you keep it up love it


Any news about serato integration???

Denon staff replied to someone else on a different post:

*** when will serato be supporting the prime 4 ?**

We’re currently working with Serato on this and it’s down to their workload for completion.

link to reply: HERE

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Hello all. There have not been any updates on Serato integration, but we still insist that it’s coming. We’ll be glad to share the news when we have some!

Does anyone know about if the Serato sampler mode will work on the Prime 4 as I don’t see any sample pads allocated to samples

Hello @openent, thank you for posting. As of now, there is no information about what Serato functions will work on PRIME 4 at all until we, Denon DJ and Serato make an announcement.

Does the Zone out feature work with Serato with 2.3.1 and firmware 1.3.3?

Hi @djsimonse, thanks for posting! There is no Zone Out functionality when using PRIME 4 (v1.3.3) with Serato DJ Pro (v2.3.1).