Prime 4 with LC6000

Why when I connect my 2 LC6000 controllers to my prime 4 (or prime 4 plus) I can’t get this view with playlist? Will it be coming in future as it’s a pain in the arse having to flick between the screens

@denondj anyone? the view is already there if we have 4 songs loaded up without the LC6000’s connected, so why would it not be available when they are connected?

Raise it as a feature request Nick, that way it can been more visible to the Denon team, also people can vote on it too.

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Just done it (I think)

it will need approving before it appears, but should be up there soon.

I bought two LC6000’s and have the same issue. The view with tracks in the center needs to be available when connecting LC6000’s to Prime 4/Prime 4+.

Really annoying and still the same :man_shrugging:t2: just bought 4 cdj 3000’s as I’m bored waiting for Denon to sort this out

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