Prime 4 will not connect to Engine Prime "computer mode"

Hello all,

I have had the Prime 4 for a while and enjoy using it because of how much I can do with just the All In One. The issue is, I cannot get it to work with “Computer Mode”. When I connect the Prime 4 to the computer, it is recognized and I can access the drives, when I boot it into “Computer Mode” though, it just sits there spinning and will not connect to Engine Prime.

I can get it to work easily with the Serato software and connection, but I would really like to Engine Prime to work so I can use the same functionality when it is in “Standalone Mode”.

I have contacted the Support desk over three times in the span of six months with no reply. Kind of terrible support for an $1800 item I must say.

I have tried reinstalling drivers, using older versions of Engine Prime, new Prime 4 firmware, older versions of the firmware, reinstalled windows, different USB cables, and ports on the computer, etc.

If anyone has insight on new things to try to get it to work, that would be amazing.


There’s nothing musical that you can do in the prime 4 while it’s linked to engine prime, only file exporting from the laptop to the prime 4 internal drive.

But you should certainly be able to do that though.

If your computer sees it and you can access the drive, then Engine Prime should see it too.

If it works with Serato, then Engine Prime should see it too.

In computer mode, the Prime 4 screen will just “sit there spinning”. That’s normal. Admittedly it would be better if the screen showed a logo or something to indicate the connection, but it doesn’t.

How do you know that it “will not connect” to Engine Prime? Have you read the Engine Prime manual? Do you know how to use Engine Prime?

When you connect the Prime 4 to Engine Prime, do you have storage attached to the Prime 4?

Engine Prime is not DJ software. The screen on the Prime 4 will not change when you connect them.


Thanks for the reply.

It’s good to know that it’s only for music management. The odd thing is, when I first got the Prime 4 and connected it to the computer with the software/firmware provided, it was working as a controller to the computer. I don’t know how it was possible, could have been a mix of drivers and software for other things on my computer from before.