Prime 4 White

Hi All, Does anybody know where I can buy a Prime 4 White? They are very hard to find. Thanks, Scott

depends where you live i guess, try to look up retail electronics sellers … here in my country in europe few retail sellers got like 2 or 3 pieces for awhile, but that´s probably because the prices has gone up … i have bought black version back in 2020 for 1799€ and now it´s like 2399€ damn

Okay thanks for the info. Have you been pleased with the Prime 4 so far? Has it given you any problems (i.e. freezing up on you), or have you had no problems with it since buying it back in 2020?

Nope, zero problems … i got my regular 2 hours show every saturday since i bought it and never failed on me … since then, i bought also X1850 mixer and pair of SC6000´s as new club setup but still i´m drawn back to Prime 4, still love it :slight_smile: hope you find your piece soon