Prime 4 vs the new XDJ-XZ

I think that the concept of the Prime4 was originally to be a standalone system, so it’s either a controller or a media player, probably by design it can’t be both at the same time. But who knows, perhaps Denon have an ace up their sleeve?? Me personally, I just want elastic beat grids (for transition tracks or live drummers), accurate bpm analyses and the ability to adjust the bpm on the unit itself. Anything else is icing on the cake. The biggest point of contention with the entire Prime series is Engine Prime itself, the entire industry knows it’s not ready for the “Prime” time and we unfortunately are settling for 2nd (if not 3rd / 4th) best. You can argue with Pioneer fanboys over everything else, but as soon as they mention EP - sorry… you lose.


I also feel Pio missed a trick.

They could have just badged it for all the main software eg Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, Traktor 3, Djay and Serato ready

Atomix will be releasing a full mapping including screen for this controller in the next few days. Prime 4 still not mapped properly.

I still think Denon underestimate the amount of people that would use VDJ on the Prime 4 were it mapped.

Obviously writing code for Pioneer units is far easier.

That’s easy because Pioneer devices have older components, easier to develop on these. Despite this the ddj-xz is a very good standalone device… Too much big but very good, although I prefer my P4