Prime 4 vs Prime 4+ jog wheels

Hi all

Interested to know if anyone who has a Prime 4 has had a chance to get their hands on a prime 4+ to compare the hardware feel specifically around the feel of the jog wheels and what their opinion is?

I have had my Prime 4 for 2 years come next month, no issues love it but as with any new hardware that comes out, it always gets me curious but this one more just because of the fact it’s a newer model of something I own.

Thanks Sunny

The new Prime 4 jog wheels are have 10% more surface area as they straightened the edge a little more vertical meaning they feel better as like there’s more surface area.

I’ve not tried one but from the reviews they mention them.

Ah yes I did see that in a few reviews.

They’ve edged the platter inwards under the surface, which is a good idea. Just wondering how they feel tension wise. May have to go to a centre and try one.

Not that I’m looking to part with another 2k lol but I do like the lower profile of the leds etc, looks more elegant but in theory is it going to change my performance? Probably not.

Just feeling a little envious of anyone that will have the new shiny one lol

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