Prime 4 Update Firmware 1.6.1

How long does the update take? The monitor has frozen for 1 hour no action. What can i do?

My Prime Go did the OTA update in a couple of minutes

Did you press via ‘web’ or ‘USB’? I initially clicked usb by mistake and it froze. Had to hard reset by holding button in. When I pressed web it took about 2 mins.

I pressed web just like you and was surprised just how quick it was. It makes the update so much easier

So is the upgrade from 1.6.0 to 1.6.1 already achievable directly from the web? So the OTA is already working?

For several days now. Updated the SC’s this way, at least on my end.

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I believe the OTA upgrade now works for v1.6.0 and forward… Regardless, i chose to upgrade via USB… It went as smooth as could be (even though the upgrade install notes read the Prime 4 will restart after the upgrade finishes)… Mine just turned off and stayed that way until i restarted it… Another fine update from the Denon Team. :blush::+1::+1:

Hallo :wink:many thanks for the good and helpful posts … my usb-stick was defective. Memory failure. New stick and everything is okay :+1: everything is going great!


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