Prime 4, Track Suggestion

Hi guys, moving from ddj 1000 to denon prime 4 and have question. On rekordbox when you are playing a track, rekordbox will show you tracks that have the same and similar bpm to help you mix in the next song. Is this possible with the denon prime 4? Also is there a filter similar to Mobius Saw on the denon? It was something I used all the time but cant find anything comparable.

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Not sure

Merry Xmas

Damn wish I knew that before making the switch. I play on the fly and that is my #1 feature

Always a good thing to research a product before buying.

of course you can, and not only after BPM. I encourage you to watch tutorial videos, which are plenty about Prime 4 and the entire Prime series

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Hi… I agree… The Mobius Saw effect is awesome. Did you figure it out in your Prime 4? I won’t have mine til next week.

I returned the denon and went back to ddj 1000. I couldnt handle the software and lack of effects

Yea i guess but at the same time theres also no 4 horizontal wave form view. Its a great device but I just prefer Rekordbox. I’m a bedroom DJ who never plans on gigging so it fulfills my usecase

The effect sounds like a Star Wars fight scene. I am sure you could have found a way around that via Serato’s effects. UFO and Shepard Filter in the Serato Jet Back FX kit would have worked.