Prime 4 Registered to a different user

So i bought a prime 4 from mile high dj supply in arvada colorado. I ended up taking an “open box” white one because waiting for a new one with no delivery date in sight was killing me. Anyways turns out the damn thing is Registered to someone else. How do i get denon to release the old registration so i can register my product?

@Anthony_DDJ . One for you


Hey @Ean_Crowe The support team will be able to help you fix this. If you create a ticket via Denon DJ Support and share your information, they’ll be able to swap accounts. I’m happy to help connect you if needed. Feel free to DM me your email or submit a ticket.

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Thanks @Anthony_DDJ for that.

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Anytime. Appreciate the ping!

Thanks to both of you! Ticket submitted

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