Prime 4 Record Session Help

Hi all Has anyone asked Denon this question …Here goes.\o/

Does Prime 4 record or will there be an update for recording “Track Markers” as i can record a session but cant mark the tracks i mix in starts.

Would be great if Prime 4 recorded these in with a push of a button say?

I hope this post or request has been asked before i guess yet i cannot seem to find any posts on this question can someone help me with this request please Many thanks All… Hope this is understandable to the Denon Dj Guys and Gals \o/

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If i got you right you would love to have an automatic playlist saved including timestamps of your recording? That would be great. You should put it on the Feature Requests section.


Hi thanks for getting back to me Yes maybe a way of prime knowing that im dropping a new track In and marks it OR i am on about " being able to mark the tracks im dropping into " the recording session and or marking them as i mix them in with a push of a button perhaps? This would make playing back mixes a better experience as a prime user if i wanted to skip through a mix etc Or i have burnt a mix to Cd or am playing via VLC or media player for egsample and want to use the markers as track markers so end user/listener can skip through a Mix via markers i put in a prime 4 recording session… Many thanks