Prime 4:-Record a full DJ set to any connected source

Can I record a full DJ set from 4 line inputs (external sources )at once? Want to confirm before placing my order thanks in advance

Hello @d2ba, thank you for posting. Yes, you can record from 4 line inputs/external sources at once.

I took his question to mean "can I record my sets to anything that’s connected (USB/External HDD/Internal HDD) not specifically can I record all four source inputs. Could you clarify on that point?


Yes you can record on to any connected usb / external HD and the internal HD. This is clarified in many of the videos :slightly_smiling_face: If you havent seen them, check them out - its a cool piece of equipment.

Thanks as well as stereo mix can you also record the stems? Does Demon Prime software feature a capture mode for X1800 ? Or do you need to use a DAW?