PRIME 4 re-analyzes tracks always

Hello, after the 2.0 update of engine prime, I analyze the tracks in the software, but when I use my controller I analyze the tracks again

someone could tell me why, since I’m new to this

Did you analyse the tracks on your computer again using the newer enginedj software?

Yes, I analyzed all the tracks in enginedj’s new software. And my prime4 controller updated to 1.6.0

Thats weird, did you remember to export after analysing? If you did export, then it makes no sense.

That does not make sense. Are you using the new database created with Engine DJ 2.0 on the console which has Engine OS 1.6.0, so old database? Are you sure?

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Probably a faulty database

Wipe and rebuild

I think you’re spot on here. He doesn’t have v2.0 on his console.

@mochue if you’re using the new Engine DJ computer software version 2.0 then you also need to update your Prime 4 to Engine OS v2.0 because there’s a new database format.

Thank you very much for the help, the problem is resected with the OS update. I am new to the digital world and I am a bit lost, thank you all for the help