Prime 4 prep folder

Second post but different issue…

The PREP folder….

Who’s bright idea was it to clear the prep folder after every power down??

Since the last update it clears when I power down the unit, why is this now an automatic (unwanted) feature when there’s an actual button on screen to clear the folder manually? :man_shrugging:t2:

Since I got the P4 a few years ago I’ve always loved that I can prep tracks during the week for playing at various places over the weekend and I spent all day prepping for a gig only to find out when I set up to play that the prep folder was empty.

Am I missing something that can change this setting?

Please help somebody!!!

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Hey Roy, Perhaps this post will help you better understand the prepare list function: How to use the "Prepare list"?

I’ve just read that thread. Different people use it differently which is all good but for me I liked to have it the old way where it didn’t automatically clear every time it powered down.

Some people like to clear it after every gig which suits them and they can do that by hitting the clear button so why does it automatically clear when there’s a manual option to clear?

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You involved in the development of the software Anthony?

It seems there only 2 options regarding the prep folder which doesn’t make sense….

1- Clear manually


2- It will clear automatically on power down.

Not really the best selection of options if you see where I’m coming from.

It should be as it was before the 2.0.1 update where the prep list remains indefinitely until the user decides to clear and freshen it up again.


Agreed, prepared list should stay on device until manually deleted. Also, why oh why can’t I make a playlist from the prepared folder?!

Also, you should be able rate, add to playlist etc…from the track info panel when you hold your finger down on a track.

There’s no real reason for this panel otherwise.

Been saying this for a long time now!!



I only really use this to see how long a track is or which folder I have it in. It would be great if we could do some form of editing/star rating from there too :+1:t3:


would be another step towards “stand alone “


Hey @Roryorbit - Thanks for the response. Had a chat with the team about this particular function. This feature was removed in 2.0+ and the current workaround for it is for users to create a playlist rather than a prepared list.

If you would like to see the feature return, we would suggest sharing this in the Feature Requests section so that the team may see the interest in bringing it back. Votes and discussions about this feature could help it return.

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Thanks for your help Anthony.

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Ready for votes here:

Prep folder on Prime4 - Don’t empty on power down - Feature Requests / New/Open Requests - Official Denon DJ Forum