Prime 4 playback issue - skipping

Hello! New here. I use a Prime 4. Been working great since late 2019. I have an issue with playback on what seems like the left deck only. During playback, the playing track occasionally skips (may just pause rather than skip ahead). I have noticed that it seems to happen easier when engaging the loop encoder knob, but it has happened without engagement. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Details: Firmware: 2.1.1 (mixer: 01.48, R/L display: 00.38, controller: 01.39)

Hey @Movementautomatic - Thanks for inquiring. I would suggest creating a ticket via - The team will need to look a little closer at your situation to find a resolution.

Specs look good - What computer / OS are you working on? Is your drive full? Engine DJ needs about 500 mb of space to process. Feel free to share more info and create a ticket in the meantime.

Thanks Anthony! I’ll get a ticket started and post my issue there.

I’ve installed a 1TB hard-drive and it’s likely 10-20% full. I manage my music on a Dell PC. Usually download tracks to a separate drive, then transfer to the drive on my prime.

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