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Received denon dj prime 4 Fri 5th June, but outside office hours for technical support from denon or retailer. I appear to have done everything via instructions yet cannot get any sound either through speakers or headphones. Have loaded tracks to SD card and a exFAT hard drive, these have been analysed in prime 4 and appear as you’d expect on screen and everything lights up as you’d expect and loading/playing tracks is easy - but no sound! Any ideas where I am going wrong? My son has a small Pioneer unit that he has working, even tried his speakers connected to prime 4 but nothing - any help much appreciated, wanted to have some tunes to play tonight celebrating my birthday tomorrow.


  1. The channel level indicators are blinking when you press play?
  2. What output you use? Rca or XLR? 3., Did you turn the gain master output?
  3. The master gain indicators are blinking or not?

Hi Chris, thanks for reply. No Indicators blink, which makes me think it’s faulty. I’ve used rca for speakers. All volume controls have been adjusted and no indicators work - must be faulty??

Maybe but first talk to Denon support. The way you describe it it seems like a fault. No led indicators, even on channel. Did you check the source channel switch if it is in line mode maybe? I really don’t know but if you think you have done everything correct then you have to contact them.

Will do. Not sure which is the source channel switch?

Have you checked the line/ USB-engine switches in the front?

Hi, all set to USB.

I thought something was wrong with mine as well, but I didnt realize that in addition to the master level, and booth level, each deck has not only faders up and down, but gain knobs too. If you have the master and booth levels up but the gain on that deck all the way zero, you wont see the lights. HTH.

Came on to post similiar - if you aren’t used to the unit the level under the FX 1 / 2 button could make you think its for something else. Make sure it’s cranked up.

IanS thanks so much. Day off today as it’s my birthday. Woke up at 6am and saw your post, hopped out of bed and fired up prime4 and bingo! You’re a star, been playing for last 1.5hrs. Gonna have a fab day mixing, cheers!! (thought those FX gains were for some effect sounds, feel like a dick now but I am totally new to this, haven’t mixed since I owned turntables in 90s) Happy Days :smile:

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Awesome news - Enjoy.

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