Prime 4 lighting

Morning everyone

I have a novice question. I have the prime 4 (currently being repaired, motherboard blown :frowning: ) my question i am tempted to buy a basic phillips lightbar and bridge etc.

Alot of the time in the evening i cant not dj through speakers as baby is asleep so just mix with headphones on.

If i buy the lighting will it still work as there is nothing connected i.e speakers. Just wanted to before i spent the pennies

Thank you in advance for your help/advice

Hey Steve, If you want to use the Soundswitch integration, this does not need to have anything plugged in to the main outs in order to use Hue (or any integration).

Thats fab was hoping it would work when no music is acutally coming out of the speakers i.e ive disconnected them so just headphones as i want the lights to flash to the beats etc

Thank you

Yeah it just runs over wifi, I think it probably uses the StageLinq protocol or similar.