Prime 4: Left Master Out not functioning corrently.

Hello. Would appreciate some help with this. I’ve had no problems with the Prime 4 then earlier this week, hooked it up to a PA system at a venue and the left Master Out was very quiet. I could still ehar it but it was almost like it was bleeding audio at a very low level.

Tried a variety of XLR leads. All worked great in the right Master Out. Ended up having to play off booth to get through the night and figured it was a firmware update issue. However, just updated and tried it through my own PA and it’s the same.

Apologies if I’ve missed something obvious. But any help would be great.


@Catboy Do you notice any difference if you Toggle the Stereo/Mono switch on the back?

Nothing. Gonig to try it using the unbalanced outs when the leads arrive tomorrow but still would prefer if the unit worked properly.