Prime 4 History not working

Hi. I have a Prime 4. Tll now I have saved the tracks I´v have been played at a gig. Now Prime 4 do not save to "History"list. Last time I did a gig I played about 60 tracks. Only 11 of them is showed on the History list

Have any of you had the same issue ?


Moin @Kenneth_Dyhr,

I think, there may be two reasons, why your history is not complete:

  • phps you used different sources during your gig (e.g. different USB Sticks, HD, SSD). Then you may pls have a look at the different sources, if there is a suitable history
  • phps you deleted some tracks finally after you played them (imo inplausible as the number of missing tracks is too big)

Good luck and brgds BeatMaster

Problem was solved after a disc repair. Using Samsung t5. Thanks.