Prime 4 glitching / freezing during playback

Prime 4 (your ‘flagship’!) )

OS 1.3.2 I think, I know there is an update but I haven’t been able to install it yet.

Track freezes for a Couple of seconds, sometimes more during playback making mixing purposely impossible! I’m so glad I have no gigs at the moment!

I’m using reliable and reputable branded USB, normally SanDisk fat32, usb2, 32 / 64 /128g It happens intermittently with all of the usbs I have used including different brands and friends usb.

It can happen at any time during playback and there is no pattern at all and no obvious triggers I ALWAYS disconnect, power down, eject media correctly.

I have also noticed a shimmering line of effect on the waveforms / screen when this happens and occasionally when it does not add well. The jog wheel light flashes white very QuickTime then returns to the on air colour when the track freezes also. The product is 2 to 3 months old and very well looked after.

This is intermittent but regular. Rebooting doesn’t solve it 9 times or is ten, or either does it or doesn’t. You never know if you’re going to be able to play 8hrs with no problems or have it freeze throughout or just freeze a couple of times.

Used only with usb stick media so far, no pc Or Internet streaming.

I have tried reinstalling my media files incase it was them but it is not as they work perfectly on my cheap ‘throwabout’ numark controller.

Please help, this is dire, I can’t even confidently steam a set in case this damn thing (which otherwise would be amazing) Fluffs it! :pensive::cry:

Hi @Diskolech, welcome to the forum!

After reading your experience, I don’t know if what you describe can be solved here.

An option is to update to 1.4.1 first.

Side questions: How big is you collection on the drives? Depending on that, the database must stay under 4GB if you want/need to keep drives FAT32 formatted. ExFAT is better, but that depends if you use the same drive on other players than Primes.

Also be sure to remove the foil of the platter. :wink:

However, it looks like a hardware problem, so be sure to contact DenonDJ Global Support