Prime 4 FX Wash is not Wash? Gate gets mixed up with flanger?

Hey I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this,

The Wash FX on the sweep fx is not really a wash but more of a different kind of echo?

Also this must be a bug but when I am changing the FX on the fx units sometimes they don’t change right away. It may just be between Autogate and Flanger but when I select flanger then autogate the flager is still on. The FX section seems to be very buggy.

Was it always like this or just since lastest update?? (Im new to Denon)


The Wash Out is an echo that tails off for cutting out a track so should add a 1 beat tail-out if turning to the right and a half beat tail-out to the left.

It’s for smoother blends.

I slowly increase the filter and as I get to a certain point I quickly hit the Wash Out and twist the knob to the extreme. You’ll get a feel for how you can use it before a drop to switch tracks or uses instead of faders.

I think wash on my old gear added a reverb, and I can’t remember but I think the Pioneer has a reverb type wash on the sweep fx. I like the wash on the denon but wish there was one with a bit of reverb wash.

Anyone have issues with the FX not changing properly when selected?