Prime 4 Freeze because of USB Stick


i got my Prime 4 new Today and already installed the latest Firmware. I want to play a Set and in the Middle of the Music stoped everything was frozen after a fwe Seconds it showed me that he wanted to Convert the rekordbox Libary on my Stick. I could not find a Solution. Any Advice for me?

You could follow one of the following options:

  1. Let it convert, like it’s asking you to.

  2. Use Engine DJ software to build your playlists

  3. Use Lexicon software to convert your playlists back and forth between Engine and Rekordbix

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As above use engine to build playists. If you want the really easy way make folders on seperate drive and name them as per your crates. In engine drag those folders to collection ON THE SEPERATE DRIVE …and there is a lovely organised library that you can use anywhere because of your folder struture.

I exported my Playlist in Prime and transfered it to my fresh formated USB Stick FAT32. When i pluged it in the first Time the Prime 4 asked to convert the RB Libary i dont know why.