Prime 4 connected to my technica

Hi all

I am hoping someone can help me.

I have connected my new technics 1210 mk7 to the prime 4 controller using the correct cables and have earthed both using the vables provided.

For some reason the sound is not clear and there is an over Riding hissing noise from ant record. The needle js brand new so its not that. Also the effects dont work correct when i use line 4 with the turnrable plugged in. Filter works but echo noise etc do not. I am less worried about that but the sound from the turntable is not as it should be. When i try using a digitial track again the sound is perfect. What am i doing wrong?

Please help

Hello @Mani79 Welcome to the forum.

Did You switched the inputs to Phono when using regular vinyl?

Check what will happen without connecting that earth cable…

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As above make sure all switches are in right positions.

As per in manual When using Line Inputs, only the Filter Sweep FX will be available.

Thanks for the help, yes all in the right place.

Both being grounded…im at a loss.

Same happens when not grounded

Try turning the the vinyl mode to jog mode on the prime 4. Then check the sound of your tt’s. Both the unit and the tt’s require grounding.

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I will try this and see its definitely not my speakers?

No luck at all. May need to sell my unit now…

Ah well