Prime 4 and SC6000

Hello everyone. I am looking at possibly buying a P4 and adding SC6000s later on rather than having the X1850 as a mixer, giving me the option to use the P4 at a small gig, the SC6000s at a bar with a mixer in place or all of it for bigger gigs or fun at home… My question is how well do the P4 and 6000s play together and what features would I miss out on not using the 6000s with a 1850 mixer?

One thing I can think of is not being able to use the track preview??

Thanks in advance.


Hello @tomvassie Welcome to the forum.

What You would miss on a P4 vs X1800/1850?

Well that depends on Your style of mixing and what You want to connect in the future.

For me the P4 is more limiting in inputs and outputs. No lan hub, no digital inputs, only 1 PC USB without soundcard running in standalone mode. I would also miss effects from X1800 and the touchstrip - really great tool for effects. Sweep fx are also a bit limited compared to the mixer. You can’t use the filter and sweep fx at the same time on P4. No send/return for external effect/sampler.

But on the other hand - P4 unlocks serato dj when plugged in to a computer.

Hi NoiseRiser.

Thanks for your info, some good points. I didn’t know about not being able to use filter and sweep at the same time… shame. I’ve never been a huge effects user as I was often playing lots of different venues with different mixers most of which didn’t have effects so have always lived without it. Serato unlock is good, I’m definitely a fan of serato however I’m pushing more to wanting to leave the laptop out, for use at home I have VDJ which I believe fully supports all the prime range. I’m not against the idea of the mixer though, the 1850 looks a really great bit of kit.

Cheers Tom.

It is a very good mixer - great value for the money and fun to play with.

Yes it is, but needs license purchase. No unlock here like serato.