Prime 2 upgrading

Looking at upgrading my prime 2, whats everyone’s thoughts and recommendations. :+1:

It would be helpful to give some insight as to why you want to upgrade, and what exactly you mean by upgrading. Are you finding the unit lacking in some way? What in your opinion would be an upgrade?

There is no direct 2 channel replacement in Engine world currently id say Glenn. As PK said, tell us what you’re looking for and we can help.

Had it 3 yrs now and and just looking at changing. Looked at the plus but not convinced its an upgrade. Looking for people’s thoughts.

:+1:. Been looking and noticed that.

Perhaps more of an insight to the type of DJ you are.

Are you a bedroom DJ or are you actually out doing gigs?

Weird thing to say. Without looking at the specs I could count 5+ hardware features not present on Prime2.

What you wanted to say I guess is that you are not convinced it is worth to you to upgrade. Only you can decide that since you told us nothing of your DJ-ing needs and habbits.

Buy two SC6000’s and a X1850 mixer.

Only my thoughts and recommendation, of course. :wink:


What, for no reason at all?

Again, what would an upgrade be (from your POV)?

A Prime 4+ is the logical choice if you want everything to be in the same place but get lots of nice upgrades at the same time.

6000m and a mixer of choice. :facepunch:t5:


The 4+ would definitely be an upgrade but you could also look at going modular. If you’re planning to stay in the Engine ecosystem score yourself an 1850, a single SC6000 and a LC for the second layer. Keep your Prime Two for gigs and outings plus it has the added bonus of being able to link with the rest at home.

The SC live 4 is pretty solid had mine for a few months now get 2 lc6000s and your all set for a fraction of the price of a full media set up

Sweet Lord people. He’s going from the Prime 2! Don’t lead him into the crazy world of modular from that! :joy: