Prime 2 crackling

Prime 2 is crackling thru the main and booth channels while turning up levels. This seems to be a firmware issue since multiple outputs are affected. Originally thought possible dirty knobs or faders. Any thoughts?

I had a crackling when turning my master knob, and a constant hum on the left channel, even when recording internally. I had to send it to service, and they claimed they ‘soldered some connections’… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hey @Miche_Duran

I’d say that’s a dirty or worn pot and would need it replaced if under warranty (if it’s still under).

I’ve had that on a used Prime Go before and would have needed sending in.

There is De-Oxit that could help. It’s helped heaps on faders for me in the past.

It happens on mine too, its been reported.

To stop it happening for the time being you can avoid it by turning the levels up slowly.