Prime 2 .3.3

Because the prime 2 is discontinued,will we still get the next 2.3.3 update that comes with amazon streaming?

You’re mixing up different things. Yes, the prime 2 will receive software updates in the near future, just as the other prime devices No other device will receive Amazon music, but it requires a specific hardware which is only present in the SC live 2/4


Forget about any new features, we just need a stable 2.3.2 product of engine dj firmware. The quality of your builds and releases are going down. Less features and better quality will go along way in the community. I’m a software engineer by day and a DJ aby night, so I understand these issues deeply which most djs don’t.

I have a Prime 4 and Go Issues - No Wifi/ Network ** Serious issue** you can’t push out the ability to update via Wifi and then lose the ability to connect to a Wifi after a release. Major issue.

  • Lost the beat jump functionality

Sorry but i’m extremely upset with the lack of support from real enginedj support engineers.

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