Price drop. is there something in place for the users who both a pair at full price?

From 2399$CAD to 1299$CAD… like really?

Is there someone that got compensated by their dealer?

I don’t think so.

Sales happen in all lines of all productions… laptops, music plays, televisions, cars and all many others.

This temporing price is good. It plus too help to enlarge the family of denon dj ownership. That can be only a good enlarge


Agreed! It stings a little (or maybe a lot! haha) for those who bought in at full price but I think it’s for the betterment of ecosystem which will bring faster updates and cooler things added to our equipment. I promise it will be encouraging to the Denon/InMusic team if sales go through the roof with this sale, which will lift their spirits and in turn make them wanna work harder to nudge Pioneer a little bit more. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure a lot of people there (behind the scenes) put a lot of love, sweat and tears into making this system happen and trying to take on Pioneer! I hope it’s all up from here!

Some sellers offer a price match guarantee. Contact the seller. Otherwise, you still have an amazing product that was worth every penny. Please be advised that this price drop is not permanent.

Talk to who you bought from and see what they can do. Either that or do what I did whenever I bought something just before a big price drop, which was cry.


if you buy a piece of consumer electronics and consider it an “investment” or expect it to hold value longer than a year or so… you’re going to have a bad time.

as others have mentioned this is a temporary price drop to drive more users to Denon. This is good for everyone who owns a SC5000.

Early adopter here, bought one SC5000 right at launch, been using it along side 2 vinyl decks for the last year and a half. Just picked up a second deck because this sale price is unbeatable.


I’d imagine the price is dropped to shift the last of the current stock, before all the new gear arrives in june

there is NEW GEAR?

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