Preapare library

Have noticed several times that when i play said track they dissapear.and ones i havnt played but go to play also seem to dissapear out the prepare folder.spent ages choosing tracks for my set.went to play several and have randomly dissapeared

There’s a timer threshold.

A track isn’t treated as “played” until you e played it for over 30 seconds. Or 60 seconds or such

Prepare list is only a momentary list that is for putting tracks for a moment aside. Treat it like You look thru vinyl collection and dig out some nice tracks that you leave for a moment sticking out from the others but only half way so You can find them fast. If they stick out too long or getting played then hey go back to the crate, and You need to dig for them again. I think crossing 30 seconds time with playback of the track will mark it as played and will delete that track from the prepare list.

Ok well is there a way to turn timer off?

Not at the moment, you might consider creating a feature request thread and if it gets enough likes, Denon may implement it in future updates.

No, just create a normal playlist. The prepare list is serving a different purpose than a normal playlist.

Well ive made prepare list 4 my set day before and still had them all there next dont make sense saying on a timer.if true theyd all of dissapeared?

If you don’t play a track (for more than 30 seconds) that’s on the prepare list, it will not be removed.

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