Pre-listen tracks aux-in


I am wondering, can I cue the aux-in channel; say I have connected a Iphone to my aux-in channel. Can I pre-listen a track then?

The other related question is pre-listen tracks on channel A and B; As from the Engine prime v1.4 we can prelisten; can you confirm that also works on the Prime Go?

regards, Seb Think I am going to love the Prime GO

I doubt it, as the GO is not a standalone mixer. So I am guessing aux goes straight to master, with only a level control.

As for pre-listen (i.e. listen in your headphones without loading a track) … I have no idea :smiley:

Hi @Sebdotdj - Thank you for your question!

The PRIME Go does not have the ability to cue the Aux input.

The PRIME 2 however, does offer this feature.

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