Power adapter plug UK

Just thought i would post. I have been talking to suppliers about Power adapter plug for the MC 7000 as i was worried as it only has a small clip which came off just before a gig and lucky got it clipped back on again. At the moment they have none in stock but they told me to buy a 5 Volt DC 4 Amp which would be fine for a back up. Hope this helps.

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I’m after the small clip for my power pack, it came with the EU version. I need the UK version.


Other question where can i buy a Power adapter in france.

Thanks for you answer

Its only a standard Barrel Jack power supply.

Output must be 5 volts DC, with 4 amp capability.

Hi Paul, Can you tell me the dimensions of the barrel jack? I need a new power adapter, but don’t have the old one here for measuring …