Possible bug on SC5000

This has now happened a few times so thought worth mentioning.

Upon first use, when using layers on one player, scratching or moving the jog affects the speed of the other layer. It’s just upon first use and it only seems to happen for a moment, but it throws off the other layer enough to get bpms mismatched and kinda clobbers the mix. And to clarify it only does it upon first use. Once it happens that first time it won’t happen again during that set.

Anyone else experience this? Thx!

Can you replicate this and post a video?

Slow memory stick? Only does it while the players trying to analyse both tracks for the first time? Doesn’t do it if a few seconds is left between load and play? Protective film off of platters ?

Would be hard to get on video because it’s very few and far between. Only happened 3 times but during a gig one time is enough. : /

And Jet, the tracks were already fully loaded into memory, so that shouldn’t affect things. But that’s a good thought for sure! I will definitely pay closer attention to timeframe between loading track and the problem occurring as could be worth nothing.

And HAAAAAHA! Good call on the protective film. Isn’t that everyone’s problem? :stuck_out_tongue: