Possibility of adding new effects

Hey Denon,

having played with the X1800 I loved the sound and the settings (especially the parametric EQ!) I have found the effects unit to be lacking and the effects selection a little outdated, though.

Is it possible to add new effects via a firmware update (Vinyl Brake, Tape Delay, Spiral, etc.) And is it possible to tweak existing effects (flanger and phaser come to mind) so they sound better - aka more Pioneer-ish?

Also I wanted to suggest to give users a way to extend the values of the touch strip to 16 and 32 (e.g. by holding Instant and turning the FX Time knob) cause certain effects (again, flanger and phaser) sound better with higher values.



Changing the time divisions inside the x1800 is of course possible, but, as mentioned in another thread today, making something happen inside that’s differentvto what’s labelled in hardware on the front of the mixer (in this case, on the touch strip) could lead to confusion.

Your suggestion of adding additional effects to the fundamental DJs toolkit of expected “on-screen” effects, has Ben passed to our development team.

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Thanks for your reply, Gee.

Even though it would make sense for certain effects to depart from the labeling on the touch strip (no one ever uses filter, flanger, phaser in increments of 1/8 or 1/16 in a productive way!) I’d rather suggest to allow jumping to higher settings of 16, 32 and 64 with a button combination of holding Instant and turning the FX Time knob. Just turning the FX Time knob doesn’t allow to go directly to 16, 32 and 64. It rather changes timing in very small increments, right?

You could do it manually by doubling the 8 value in your head (e.g. 3612 --> 7224) and twisting the FX Time knob until you reach the desired value. But that is neither intuitive nor quick!


!! That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking! I really like the mixer and I am very happy with it, but I would love to have some more and better sounding effects. Especially (Bit) Crusher, Echo Up/down, Spiral, Pan Delay, Side Delay, better Gate, Pitch, Reverb with changing pitch as well. And maybe also more time parameters with the FX Time knob just like you said it (I wouldn’t need the touchstrip for that).

Since I use 2 X1s (Traktor Pro User) and was looking for a good mixer, the effect section was the only thing I worried about on this mixer. Please improve them and add some new ones and I’ll be so happy :slight_smile: That would also make the mixer itself (without the SC5000) more outstanding to compete against Pioneer DJM.


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Bonjour, j’ai acheté Denon pour changer le monopole mais trés déçu par la table. Effectivement les effets sont à revoir car ils peuvent gacher un mix, je pense pas trop que la bande tactile puisse créer des soucis pour la maj. listes de ma demande pour maj effet x1800 voir 1850

  • fonction quantize pour x1800 devrait amĂ©liorer pls effets.
  • le delay : pouvoir faire des passes passes sans coupures insert Ă  fond (lĂ  ça coupe)
  • le reverb Ă  revoir , il est moche voir inutilisable et pas de feedback comme fond d’autres comme traktor ou pio…
  • ping pong devrait ĂŞtre meilleur avec la fonction quantize car lĂ  le dĂ©part de l’effet est parfois mauvais.
  • les sweep fx devraient avoir un feedback lors de leur coupure celai ferai bien plus jolie ainsi qu’une fonction pour leur intensitĂ© comme vous avez fait pour le noise. Le gate est Ă  revoir il bug parfois (j’ai reçu la table dĂ©jĂ  maj 1.2).
  • tape delay serait intĂ©ressant
  • genre spiral aussi .

En gros cela manque de feedback qu’on peut encore retoucher avec insert off

Sinon, je pense que juste la fonction quantize devait améliorer le produit pour la x1800 et que le réglage de l’intensité des sweep fx et le feedback lors de la coupure ne devrait être pas trop dur à ajouter. J’adore vos platines mais la table ça vas pas pour la section effet et devoir mettre une autre marque entre deux me pose problème.


Gee is gone, dude. Try to speak in english so we can understand you. Best to just start a new thread.

No no No Reticuli…jeez :hushed:


I think a lot of why has just been said About the fx will be fine after the bpm and quantize is sorted and denon have said that will be sorted , and they mentioned a timescale…


Hello, i’m sorry for my description wrote in english. My english is very bad. I used translate in internet for understand essentiel for you and please will make for me.