Please produce more Prime 4 Controllers in White!

I have been trying to get my hands on a Prime 4 standalone controller (white), and a sales rep told me that Denon will only produce them if there are enough people interested, since they are having trouble even producing enough of the black ones.

Let me say that after much research, this has to be the most attractive all in one controller in the market. It has some amazing features including a 4 channel mixer, a huge 10" display that can use gestures, streaming support, insane amounts of inputs and outputs, the flexibility to work with multiple DJ software, compatibility with Rekordbox USBs, and great effects.

Furthermore, this is all at a FRACTION of the price of comparable models (the XDJ-XZ is considerably more expensive and cannot even utilize 4 channels without a laptop).

Are there any other DJs that are still interested in buying this controller? Why or why not?

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You could get a ack one and put a white skin on it which will be better actually than the factory produced white unit as its a vinyl skin that wears better

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That is definitely an option but my heart wants the white one :slight_smile:

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Where are you based? I got my white P4 from Germany, they still have them available in white and ship worldwide, very quick delivery also, buy all my gear from these guys: Denon DJ Prime 4 - White » Buy online in the Recordcase DJ-Shop :sunglasses::+1:

I did that with my SC setup and I’m loving it :heart_eyes:


Also skinned my Prime 4 :blue_heart::white_heart::blue_heart:


You skin a white Prime4 ?

io l’ho messa venerdi


Yea, I originally wanted the black one but it wasn’t in stock so got the white but blue is my fav colour and the skin goes well, also added protection! :wink:

And boom :blush:

Black Prime4 with white skin


wow this looks very good! fire!

Thanks mate :sunglasses:

So I got one… I love this thing