Playlists deleted

whilst working on a track in engine prime my pc froze and needed a reboot - on opening engine prime again my playlists had disappeared - I had 6 playlists, only 1 is important, but they’ve all just disappeared!

I am also getting a message telling me that my c drive is corrupt which is odd because none of my files are on c and its definitely no corrupt anyway - my files are actually on d

I have my playlist on my usb but I can’t see an obvious way to transfer this back to my engine prime database.

Please can someone help me get my playlist back - this is so frustrating!

Just copy it from your backup drive

okay - so i just spent hours making a new playlist but when i went to sync with my drive there were no playlists showing to sync - so a little concerned I backed up engine prime before trying anything else and then tried an export - which i can see showing as an xml on my drive - when i rebooted engine prime again - boom - no playlists - this is getting beyond frustrating now - how do i get my playlist back as something usable?

I’m still getting a message when i reopen prime telling me my c drive is corrupt - but its absolutely fine!!!

You need to give more detail on the setup of your system and exactly what you’re doing.

From what you’ve written, you made a playlist then it just suddenly disappeared.

What does “went to sync with my drive” mean? What is “my drive”? You “went to sync” how?

Asus Zenbook core i7 Windows 10 EP1.5 64GB FLASH DRIVE

I created a playlist in ep on my laptop from tracks stored in my c drive - tried to use the sync function in the device window to transfer my playlist to my flash drive. The playlist then disappeared, and now no matter what I do I cannot create a playlist either by physically creating one from within ep UI or by ‘transferring’ or syncing back from my flash drive that has playlists on it.

Hope this is enough info, thanks in advance for your help.

There is no sync function in the device window. Please clarify. Do you mean the big Sync Manager button (bottom left)? The three icons next to each device are eject, refresh and profile - not sync.

Yes sync manager

I also just tried restoring a backup but now when I open ep all my crates are there but nothing in them now - I still have my flash drive with the contents of my crates and my playlists on that, how would I go about transferring that back to ep?

I’m still getting the database on c drive is corrupted message.

Okay so I just put my flash drive into my pc and all the tracks got repopulated in the crates but they all show as being on e drive now (which makes sense because that’s my flash) but I had them in d drive before and when I put my drive in I’d see spillovers as it showed files in both e and d