Playlist goes back to top

Has anyone noticed on 2.0.0 that when you add a tune to another playlist or move it around it automatically moves where you are in that play list back to the top of the list you were viewing again. Really irritating Other than that decent update :+1:


Yep, it does that. But did You tried to drag and drop, by dragging the track by the mini waveform? When I use that, the list stays where it was.

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I have the same issue.

If I am sorting by BPM the tracks sometimes jump around and the playlist will often randomly jump to the top of the list.

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Still having this on 2.0.2. Whenever I drag a song from the Collection playlist to any other playlist (no external drives, all inside the same internal SSD), it snaps back to the top. My Collection has 4k songs, it is a huge hassle to constantly scroll back to where I was…

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Guess I wasted my time trying to record this, but here the proof is - Engine DJ resets its playlists - YouTube

My YouTube channel has literally turned into Denon’s beta testing channel, I should be getting paid for finding issues at this point. I’ve hidden most of the bug/glitch videos, but I have dozens of them.

EDIT: they really should be paying us for all this beta testing we’re doing for them.

I think I may have found a (temporary) solution. Please watch this video with sound as it is commented by me explaining.

VIDEO showing Engine DJ playlist bug (snap to top when dragging songs) - WITH TEMP FIX

Drag by the small waveform, then it does not jump

It does jump regardless. I did not show that on the video but I have also tried that and makes no difference where you click to drag the song. The only thing that “solves” the bug is what I explain in the video I posted.

Same here on Mac OSX M1

Ok, I get it now how it going. Maybe we should get some devs attention here…?

What do you think @Reese ?

@KDonaldson perhaps. I think there’s already a report for it, but to be sure.

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A quick double press of the view button when done editing is an easy workaround.

Double View opens Engine Lighting in other interface screens, so perhaps not the best workaround.

Hello , this works for about 5 songs then it goes back to going to the top, Obviously Denon dont care as its now June 22 and still not fixed. I will be getting rid of the Denons sc6000 and back to Pioneer as this is useless

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But we have active loops now dude, who cares that the absolute most basic features don’t function properly? We don’t even have a file relocator for Christ sake.

Denon has no timeline, nothing they implement makes sense. After 4 years I have given up and went back to using a laptop because I cannot stomach what they prioritize.

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Same problem here on a 2021 Macbook Air M1. basic fundamental DJing tasks that can’t be performed without issues… It would be amazing if we could get some dev attention here, it really can’t be that hard of a fix.

So far I have imported all my old libraries from RB and serato, but now I’m doing a spring cleanup of my playlists inside Engine and this is time consuming bug to work with.

Wether i have a track loaded in the preview player, no matter where i drag from, the playlist will either snap to the top of the whole list after dragging a song to a new playlist, or it will move the highlighted track to the top of the page which is equally as jarring.

Please fix, or i’ll be forced to use 3rd party apps just to make my playlists

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I agree. This issue is super annoying. Is there any update as to when this bug will be fixed?

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This is the only thing you need to know: A couple years ago I was in touch with an InMusic technician and let me tell you-- he had no idea the x1800 mixers have a bricking issue. I had to send him our thread from the forum of multiple people reporting that they were bricking.

If this doesn’t exemplify the communication that goes in within the company, nothing will.

I’ve been working through creating a whole bunch of new playlists tonight, and have noticed this issue for the first time. It’s basic basic functionality gaps showing a lack of UAT on the development side. Come on guys, do I need to come up the road in Eden Terrace and knock on the door?