Playlist Editing and Creation Issues

First time I have ever had any problems with Engine DJ. I have created a new playlist, i am unable to rename it or add any files to it. If I goto the collection though the files I tried to add are on the Hard drive if i search for them by name. Any ideas on how to get this working again.

Additionally, i am unable to add any new music to existing playlists.

Mac? PC? OS Version? Engine version? Tried rebooting?

Should provide all these infos in your OP if you expect people to help you.

PC Version Windows 10 Pro Version 22H2 installed on 22/11/22 OS Build 19045.2486

Engine Version 2.4

Yes tried rebooting.

Don’t appreciate the tone, no need for “if you expect people to help you”

The software is buggy, the hardware is buggy, my Prime 4 cost a lot of money and is unreliable due to faulty software updates from Denon. I am on here asking for other people advise and hopefully someone from Denon will see this and sort it all out.

I meant no offense. It’s just not encouraging to help when you, as a helping person, need to ask the person that wants help to provide info that is obviously needed to troubleshoot anything and therefor should have been provided in the first place.

Anyway, I dont know if this first part is possible on windows, but I would try to isolate my library data somehow and back it up.

Then de- and reinstall Engine DJ software with rebooting in between.

If that doesnt help, maybe someone else has a better solution.

If not, only thing I can think of: Do it again and do some registry clean in between this time (not sure what is sufficient software for that, as Im not up to date in windows questions).

If that doesnt help, back up all your data, reinstall windows, etc. Pretty much always the same story with that OS sadly…