Playing iTunes through USB socket?

So I had a play with some 5000M and an x1800 at BopDJ in Bristol today and am hooked!

Just one question - I use iTunes on my MacBook for my background music (I do weddings and corporate) and currently have an RCA->3.5mm lead just plugged into the headphone socket of my laptop. If I get the X1800, can I use one of the usb sockets to play iTunes through?


Very complex answer, so here goes.

Yes absolutely! :sunglasses:

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Sweet! Can’t wait (although cash-flow means a slight wait is necessary!)

The feel of the 5000M’s was incredible- the platters were amazing and the touchscreen was great. Really, really impressed. Made the 900 Nexus look like a first generation iPod


Haha yeah. The feel is really good (I have the non-M, but still).

Only thing you need to check is that the application can select other outputs of the X1800. Say if you want to play on channel4, then audio needs to route on your Mac/PC to outputs 7+8. Otherwise it will always be channel1 on the mixer (outputs 1+2).

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Yeah cool. That’ll be down to the settings on my Mac, which you would hope can handle that. To be honest, 1&2 will be fine anyway in how I’ve got my set up imagined in my head.

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