Playing big files in ENGINE DJ is not Possible

it’s time to update Engine to play big files my DJ mixs please allow this in the next update

Could you give more information? I don’t understand the problem very well, I personally have used 4 files of more than 2 hours on the prime, of slow songs for dinners at weddings and I have not had any problems, greetings


Why is that an issue? Do you need to use playback of previous sets?:thinking:

Sometimes I will load up a mix from one of my favourite djs when I want to chill out, one of these was a tribute mix to Solarstone, 7 hours long played with no hiccups.

There is a file size limitation IIRC.

RESONIC is perfect for what you need.

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I typically know big when I see it, but what do you call big? Have you found the limit? Engine loads the entire track to the player’s memory. That is a good thing because the track will play even if you get disconnected from the source. Therefore, physical memory may be the limit to the track file size and that will depend on the unit and format.


This forum section is about the Engine DJ software on Mac/Win… are you talking about using Engine DJ as a playback software? There’s tons of options on both platforms.

If you want to run this off your DJ setup, the cheapest way to get streaming (if your mixer doesn’t have USB) is to get a Chromecast, or a Bluetooth receiver, plug that into a mixer channel and transmit from your phone or laptop to that device… idk about all the prime series controllers, but my Prime Go has an AUX in for that.

If your mixer has USB you can use it like any other USB soundcard. When I plug the Xone 96 of my main setup into my Mac, it automatically plays on ch1.

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It would be great if the OP came back and actually added some more to their single forum comment.


yep I need to play my dj mixs

Ah, you need to play your dj mix. That makes sense :ok_hand: