Platter slipping when using screen

Had my Prime 4 for 2 years or so and never had a problem until last night, 3rd night out in a row and suddenly the right hand platter (and only the RH one) would slow or stutter when using the screen I.e. scrolling or searching for another track, it’s on 2.0.1 and same with Engine, did a reset (right in the middle or an event) then during the buffet swapped it to my spare Prime 2 because I lost confidence in it, any ideas guys, screen looked normal, but it felt like it was “on the edge”……

Tried disabling the vinyl mode for jogwheels to exclude it being a grounding issue?

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Hey Boothy

Happy to help. Have you updated to 2.0.2 yet? Perhaps the update will help correct these issues.

Anthony I have now updated to 2.0.2 and spent a few hours on it mixing at home (keeping my hand in) and the issue has not arisen again, so hopefully it was a ‘one off’, and SlayForMoney - great idea but never thought to try it, I had a dance floor full and was 15 minutes from a buffet break at a wedding so I took the quick solid option. 2 more events this weekend wish me luck.

I love my Denon Prime 4 but must be honest that one scared me….keep up the good work guys….


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It could have been poor earthing at the venue , so when you tested at home, (assuming good earthing there) it worked. The platter needs good Earth from the mains connection to work properly.

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