Pioneer XDJ-XZ 4 channel standalone controller to be released tomorrow?

Okay so resistive touch. Thanks for the info.

Value for money is not bad for Pioneer. The complete absence of innovation is strange, though. Kinda throws 3 year old NXS2 features (+DDJ-1000 jog screens) into a all-in-one unit.

Don’t think Denon have anything to worry about.

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I think that Lego will have more to worry about with this , rather than DenonDJ lol

I think they have been back to the drawing board at Pioneer since the SC5000 and that they use this model as an interim solution, since people are screaming for 4 deck standalone (but there is also a catch on this one, see below).

At the moment, in my eyes, Denon is seriously ahead of Pioneer in terms of hardware, features and Denon is much more progressive (luckily for us).

Then looking at this model, the XZ. It seems that this is again not a complete 4 channel standalone. Channels 3 and 4 are only suited for use with a LINK (computer or linked Pioneer player) or line/phono input. So no USB playback on those channels (at first side)

In addition, you again miss the number of line inputs that the prime 4 has (4 line, 2 phono) against 2 line/phono + aux on XDJ-XZ.

Pioneer has SEND, but misses ZONE. Pioneer uses TRS for booth instead of XLR.

Pioneer has 2x USB vs Prime 4’s 4x USB + SD. Pioneer has fixed FX, against expandable effects from Denon,

The wins for Pioneer based on the early pictures: I see a feedback reducer, but Denon could kill that in the software, I see Master EQ, but Denon could kill that in the software…

I could go on for a while, but this interim solution by Pioneer is certainly not going to be for me. It only shows me how far Pioneer is behind. The biggest downside is that only 2 channels of standalone are usable. Not that I’m anti Pioneer, but this release against a Prime 4 is again typical the Pioneer way of giving less for more money.

A reliable source of mine always stated that a true Pioneer 4-channel standalone would never come. It would compete with its own CDJ+DJM combination.

Two extra XDJ’s are needed for standalone 4 deck playback without computer.

And let me guess… it will have the jog bend deadzone with no option to turn it off and no pitch ranges between 16% and 100%… oh, you know, like 32% (6+10+16 LEDs) with 0.1 increments that even Pioneer faders could handle. And they will still have boost over unity on the master volume with no option to get rid of that. That company just doesn’t listen. They could literally implement all that just with firmware fixes for everything they’ve put out that is USB-capable, but they’re resting on their laurels and believe their dominance will last forever.

It’s only compatible with Rekordbox lol

Nope, It’s both. The videos are out. Man that was fast. Ugh those jogs are nice.

It’s really only a 2 channel, no hard drive, tiny screen. Prime 4 miles ahead of the weak competition

Yeah, just got the email from Westend DJ.

I’m a bit underwhelmed to be honest. I thought this might have been innovative and pushed things on but it’s just more of the same in a different chassis.

I had been holding off in case this was some revolutionary controller but I’m disappointed.

Just gonna stick with the MCX8000 as it does pretty much the same thing but for a lot less money. Being a video DJ the standalone side is just backup for me anyway.

I still don’t feel good about the Prime 4 however. Just feel it needs a bit more work… and of course no VDJ support is a major issue too.

DJTT also think it’s just the same as the MCX8000. Not just me!

Doeas anybody actually gives a f*ck about this “new” crap unit from pioneer?

Well it’s creating a buzz on Facebook and of course the Pioneer fans will be all over it.

I wouldn’t say it’s carp, just not very innovative for the price.

Well, even the Pioneer fans are not overly positive. Read the comments beneath the video:

Certainly not for me, but best of luck to Pioneer.

is a mcx8000 with steroids (or maybe what should have been), or what should be more or less the 2020 version of this,if denon gave him the promised stagelinq support in my opinion it would be a better option than the pioneer for both price and performance, Engine is the only weakness of denon for now


That and the VL12 too - the 3 dead zones on it make it unusable in my opinion.

True, though most of PLX1000 is just any other inexpensive Hanpin Super OEM, but with foam in the tonearm. People who want their TTs to say “Pioneer” on it certainly have a useable DJ TT if they’re willing to pay the markup.

I would add that Denon DJ has some issues not just with the VL12 and Engine Prime, but with touch platter problems on the SC5000, Link not being as carefree and feature-rich as Pioneer, controller mode not being as carefree and feature-rich, and then the sound quality of the processing on Prime gear lagging behind Pioneer, too. Pioneer has so much more definition and transient clarity & precision in most situations compared to Prime right now where I seem to have to crank Prime much louder for the same level of detail retrieval, and no amount of volume seems to improve the sense of precision. I can mix by-ear at a lower effective volume on Pioneers than on Prime right now. Even the DJM900NXS2 in-the-blend transparency of mixing two signals together seems clearer to me than the X1800. All software stuff, though. Anyway, IMO both brands have areas they come up short and areas they are strong.

I think Pioneer actually has a potentially easier road ahead for needed improvements, but oddly choose not to, while Denon DJ has more work to do but is a lot more amenable to change it seems. Possibly a case of resting on laurels vs the underdog position.

As long as Denon understands to improve its quality control policies and to keep inovating, both on hardware and on software, with a vision of their own and backed up by the users feedback, the future will be bright for them.


Man you just said it. Quality control needs a second look. They need to tighten up some things in that department. They need to control every aspect of the build for their machines. Charge a little more if you need to. Apple has proven people don’t mind paying. Heck, Pioneer has proven this. Because otherwise Denon is ahead right now on the technology/features side. Fix the software. Keep moving up!