Pioneer software to denon and back

Hi guys. First of all im sorry if this question has already been asked if so id be grateful of a link to it :slight_smile:

So I’m currently using Pioneer products at home and in clubs. The main reason I use pioneer at home is that in every single club I play at this pioneer is standard so makes sense for me to have the same at home.

However I am considering buying the prime 4 for home use due to the 4 deck capabilities.

My first question is, will my current USB’s translate well over to the denon’s? (Cue points which have been set in rekord box for example)

Second question if I do get the denon’s and use that software to export to USB, will these then be usable on the pioneer CDJ’s at clubs? (Again cue points ect)

Thanks for your help

So you can easily (with RB5) switch to Prime Engine. However, the other way is not possible.

You can even plug in Rekordbox USB drives into Prime 4, but it takes a couple of seconds to load everything. If you use a Denon Prime Engine USB Stick and plug it into for example a NXS2 setup it is not really useable. The tracks are not sorted in playlists (you can go through manual folders) and no waveforms are displayed, similar if you just move tracks onto a stick without analyzing it beforehand in Rekordbox.

Hi @funkymk3

The Prime 4 will accept USB´s made from Rekordbox incl. Hotcues.

USB´s made from Engine Prime will not work properly on a Pioneer setup (This is something Pioneer would have to open up for, like Denon has done the other way around)

If you are on MacOS it’s possible to convert cues and loops from a Denon Performance drive (Prime 4 internal drive, CDJ USB used in Prime gear, etc) back to Rekordbox and even further.