Performance View not available with a LC6000 plugged into Prime 4

Hello, I have a DJ Prime 4 and love the Perfomance View function that fits both waveforms and the current playlist into one screen without tabbing out to see my current playlist.

Example: Dropbox - Denon-Library.jpg - Simplify your life

However, I recently got a LC6000, and while it functions as good as expected, when you connect it, it removes the option to see the playlist and only shows the four track view option.

Example: Dropbox - Denon-FourChannel.jpg - Simplify your life

Is there a method I’m not aware of in the Prime 4’s standalone mode to show all of info again or is that only available if I have nothing else plugged in?

I currently have the latest firmware. I’ll happy add that to the feature request category if it’s not a thing yet. Thanks in advance.


there is a open request for this:

I also voted for this. Please vote for it

Awesome! Will do!

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